Need Help have some clutch problem


First excuse my english but i'm from portugal and i have very little experience on writhing.

My situation is the following

My brother and i we have wr's 426.

Last Sundays after some trails ride when we were getting home the clutch cable broke. We touth it would just need to be replaced te cable.

but after installing a new one the clutch andle was very light and isn't working

WE guess that something inside the gear box is out of place

WE odd thing is that we did not pull the axle were the clutch cable is atached nor dismantled any motor part.

If anyone can give some kind of advice we would be very apreciated

You may find that you have installed the new clutch cable with the clutch plates in the open position.You may find that the pushrod in the middle of the clutch is not engaging properly in the push lever (where you insert the cable). Simply when you pull the clutch lever on the handel bar, the clutch cable pulls the push lever which rotates in the engine casing and pushes the pushrod inside the engine which inturn opens the clutch plates. Try turning the push rod clock wise and re-install the cable. Make sure that you take all the tension off the cable by turning all the tension adjusters in. Once you have the cable installed with no tension, slowly adjust the tension to take up the slack.

If you dont come right have a look at your workshop manual to see what I'm talking about or go to yamaha Australia's web-site and download the workshop manual on a PDF file.




Check that the cables are identical. You may have a cable from a different year that is too slack to pull the post.

Check the clutch post and push the tip of it towards the motor with a wooden stick or handle end of a hammer and make sure you feel the heavy clutch springs of the clutch against your push.

The cable is for that model.

What is odd is that the push lever is very light we can turn it back and forward with no strength at all.

We pull it like half centimeter out.

But before that she was light already the push rod it's not doing its job.

We realized that there was some trouble because we couldn't get the spring in place

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