yzf400 or 426

hello i have been offered a 1999 yzf400 and a 2000 yzf426. i plan on using the bike for trailing only not racing,but i aint got a clue which on to go for the 400 or 426. which one is better/reliable as i have heard lots of good reports on the 400,s reliability, but not alot on the 426:excuseme: anyone shed there views on this:ride:

Both are very reliable bikes when serviced properly. I'd buy the one with the least amount of hours. :censored:

Ive owned both a 1999 yzf 400 and a 2000 426. I prefer the 426 to the 400. Both were good bikes but the 426 has great power and better handling than the 400. Niether one is going to feel light but the 426 is more manageable.

well missed out on the 426 but managed to get this 400 for a good price pick it up friday:ride:

I like the looks of you 400. Treat in nice and it will go along way. :censored:

thanx i picked it up today ready for the weekend i cant wait to go out on it now,this is the first proper 4 stroke ive had


Me too I'm new to the 4 stroke dirtbike. I bought the same machine as you but I'll have to wait couple of months before rding it. ( Still too much snow...)

Enjoy it for me!:censored:


will do.i cant remember the last time i saw snow down my part of england

Congrats!! Welcome to the club...very nice looking 400.

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