pegs or seat?

Being 6'3" I need to create a bit more room on my 05 wr 450. While I should do both I am only going to do one or the other. Should I get a taller seat by Gutz racing or Evo footpegs in the low boy position?

any thoughts would be great!!

I prefer the evo foot pegs, since I spend most of my time standing up. I am also 6’3” and enjoy the comfort of the wide peg and lower position. This coupled with taller handle bars makes for a great riding stance. Plus you will save some money as the pegs are not as expensive as the seat. :censored:

I love the pegs as well, but they only give you about a half an inch.

The Gutts high seat will give you more height than the pegs.

I know it's hard to bite the bullet and buy both, but your body will thank you.


Don't forget; the Fastway pegs also move back about 3/4" (on most models), so you'll have more room for your bigger feet. My big feet are in scale with my frame, and the added room is a bonus!

I did both. Fastways and SDG Tall-Soft Saddle.

Lynn 6' 1" / 200 lubs

Keep in mind that a taller seat makes the sitting to standing transition easier which in turn saves energy when riding. If not already, I would be more concerned about moving the bars higher so that standing is more comfortable. You should be standing at least 70% of the time anyway.

I'm 6'3" and I didn't see much of a difference with my Fastways in the "lowboy" position from the standard position. I do like the wider platform though, but I would be more concerned about seat and handlebars.

JMO :censored:

You can do both for the price of one! You can modify the footpegs by cutting off the lower flange and moving it above the peg. The springs have to swap sides but it works fine. You get the advantage of being able to reverse the operation if you choose. I did mine with White brothers pegs but it will work with stock pegs.

The footpeg change made the most difference, the tall seat mostly compresses anyway so it only helps a little.

Bar risers also help, or you can go with Flexx bars which have a reasonably tall bend.

great info!

Thanks Guys!

Thanks...that is the feedback I needed! I too stand most of the time and I got bad knees...this should help!

you should buy your seat and mod your own pegs (with some cutting and welding) to make them lower, I love the tall soft guts seat, way more comfortable and im 6'4 and i still would like another bit, but that's all i can get.......

I'm 6' 2'' and went witht the Guts tall/soft and BRP tall bar risers. I also went with the Pro-Taper Windham bend which is pretty tall. I plan I lowering my foot pegs next.

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