XR650R - LED Bulbs for Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit

Hey everyone, I was hoping to change the signal light bulbs in my baja designs dual sport kit to low wattage led bulbs, hoping that I can up the headlight that came with the kit from a 35/35 to a 55/65 without changin my stator. Anyone know where I can get thr replacement LED bulbs??????

I've posted this question myself. Seems like the best alternative is replacing the signal units themselves for ones already set up with LED's. I've been looking locally for LED replacement bulbs & haven't found any. I do believe they're available but may not last long. If you do go with LED's you will also have to replace your flasher unit with one compatible with the lower amp draw of LED's or they won't flash. That being said I do not believe that the amperage draw will be sufficiently lower using LED's in the signals and tail light to compensate for the weak output of the stock stator in order to run a highter wattage headlight. Been through this myself & rewound my stator & am very happy with the results. Do a search on the forum for a post titled "DIY stator rewind" for all the details on how to do it yourself. If you're up to the task it will cost you about $25. Let us know what you end up doing.

Just got some bulbs from these guys:


Fast service, good product. Be aware that many dirt bikes run AC; the voltage is controlled by a *regulator* to never rise above ~13.5V.

LEDs though are designed to work with DC; you may need to fit a *regulator/rectifier* to get them to work properly.

you will also need to get a special turn signal flasher because led lights do not draw enough amps to work a standard flasher correctly. baja designs sells the flasher you will need. rewind the stator yourself, its easer than it looks and you will be alot happier.

you will also need to get a special turn signal flasher

Truth. $20 is way to much for a damn flasher though.

Look at this page; I bought the FL2-Red. It's got twice the life rating of the other flashers and you can't get any simpler than a two-pin hookup. Just put it in the wire that supplies power to the turn signal switch.

Don't see any FL2 anywhere.??

Don't see any FL2 anywhere.??

5th product down? [LED Bulb Flasher Unit]

You select the type from a dropdown menu on the left...

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