WR 426 European Import?

I am looking at a Wr426 european import. Can anybody tell me what the difference is between these and the US WRs? The guy said it is basically a YZ with a light is that right?

Is it a 5 speed? Does it have a wr tranny?

Is the timing retarded like a wr (as uppossed to the yz?))

He said it has a YZ smaller tank and seat on it.

Does this sound like a European WR or a yz with a light? Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe someone from the UK could answer this better.

I belive (someone will correct me if I am wrong) that the euro spec bikes are very similar to the Canadian and Austrailian bikes. The differnce being a more restrictive exhaust pipe, a YZ throttle stop with Differnt Needle, and no Grey wire. Everything else should be same as US WR

Again maybee one of our European brothers could shed more light on this subject.

I´ve a 2001. softer spring front and rear, 0,42 and 4,8 springrate, yz tank and seat (8lit). thats the differens. all other parts are the same,

And the steering wheel is on the other side! :censored::ride:

Ok. I saw pictures of it. That helps. So:

It has a YZ throttle Stop

No grey wire

YZ Seat and Tank

Softer springs

Eveything else is the same? So it is a 5 speed like the wr.

Thanks for the help!

I believe the UK version likes to sit down for "tea and cookies" promptly at noon. :censored:

It also prefers it martini's "shaken, not stirred". :ride:

Also, you must use "petrol" as opposed to gas which we have here in the U.S. I don't where you're going to find petrol. Good luck with that.

Okay, I'm done. :lol:

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