XR650L aftermarket turnsignals

Hey guys, I broke a stock turn signal last time out riding and just decided to change them over to the short stalk aftermarket type to fix it faster and cheaper. They were very easy to install, but they only flash with the bike running and above idle a bit. Is there a stronger flasher or some other trick to give them a bit more juice? They look pretty sweet, and are small enough not to get snapped on the first get off...but would be nice if the operated a bit better.



if you have a solution, please add part # if possible

Not sure if ur running Halogens like me, but when I put mine in they did the same thing. Went in to the turn relay and cut out the little brown resistor thats soldered in it and now they flash great all the time even at idle.


Get a flasher meant for LED signals, yahoo, google and ebay will turn up more results than you can read.

Todd, where exactly is is located? I just moved and my garage is packed, but may have to hunt down my manual I suppose.


Just get a variable load from your local auto-parts store. Costs about $3. Replace the stock unit that's behind the little cowling/under the instruments.

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