FMF Bomb header on White Bros E2 pipe?

I have an 04 WR 450 with White Bros. E2 pipe. My stock header has been smacked by a few rocks over the last 3 years and I was thinking of upgrading the header.

My question has anyone tried using the mega or original FMF powerbomb header on the E2 - does it fit? How does it work?



The after market headers and slip on silencers pipe diameters are all the same size, due to the fact that people may only purchase the slip on silencer and use it with the stock header etc. Imagine if you were a manufacturer and changed the pipe diameter of you header pipe you would be dropping your market share substantially. The powerbomb is designed to give a little extra RPM for MX. You will feel a slight differnace when coming out of corners but riding offroad you wont feel the differance as you are not riding in a controlled enviroment with a stop watch to guage the bikes performance. At the end of the day, its your money, spend how you want. You wont go wrong either way.



There was a thread about this in the WR250 forum, so I'm not positive if this applies to 450s or not, but I remember someone mentioning that the Mega and Powerbomb headers were larger in diameter than stock. The E2 fits stock, so the FMF header will not fit the E2.

Sounds like I will stick with the stock one and try to pound out some of the dents. Never tried the freezing water approach - maybe its time. Thanks for the help.

On my wr 426 the power bomb header is the same as the stock and I can interchange the stock silencer with a Q2 or power core 4 no problem. Also I let a buddy with a 05 WR450 have the power core 4 and it fit on his stock header so I do not think that there is any difference in the diameter of the pipe. Mix and Match!:censored:

What is the freezing water approach?

Plug both ends of the header and put water in it. Stick it in the freezer and when the water expands it pushes out the dents. Worked pretty good on my 2 stroke pipe.

Works great on 4-stroke headers too. You don't have to plug the ends though. Like a lake, the water freezes from the outside in, making it's own plugs. Deep dents may take 3-4 freezing cycles.

Tip: tie the flange (or whatever the movable piece that bolts to the jug is called) tight to the end of the header. The pipe will get slightly distorted by the water's expansion, so if that piece is at the wrong end when it goes in the freezer, it can be very hard to slide it to the proper end after the dent is popped.

The two ends of the powerbomb are the same diameter as the stock header, I have one on my 05 WR with a stock YZ pipe. It also fits the WR pipe.

i have a 2003 yz250f with a fmf powerbomb header and a 2003 wr250f pipe/silencer. but my header has a small dent as u cna c in my pics if i used your idea with the ice how much water should i put in the pipe bec if it goes up to the bulge of the pipe where the (bomb) is wont it effect the metal/mesh inside the bomb?

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