Torque Master spark plug

Is there someone which has used this type of spark plug (the spark is at 360 degrees ) on your XR?

If someone does it, what model have you used?

Have discovered some advantages compared to stock spark plug?

I anxiously wait for your replies....................Piero


Does nobody know these spark plugs?

Piero, I have never heard of them :censored: Must be a euro only part :ride:

Here is another one:

"RACE" plugs

The point of these is to provide more uniform combustion in the chamber. Instead of a heart shaped flame front, you get a more semi spherical flame propagation. More power, less emissions, blah blah blah. Most of these also require upgraded ignition systems as well.


Hey Piero, that plug looks cool, someone needs to try it:crazy:


I would love to test one. But experience tells me that it won't do anything for performance. It would probably just fire one small arc instead of all the way around. Voltage follows the path of least resistance.

Neat design, however I do not see the stock coil and ignition being able to fire that thing. And at $20 a piece, I think I will just stick with my iridium plug. But thanks, new stuff is still cool to learn about.:censored:

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