Why is my friend's YZF450 better than my YZ250? HELP!!!

For those of you that have trouble starting your '06 YZ450F try this when it's cold and on a stand:

1) pull choke

2) from the right side of the bike, give it two shots of fuel by twisting the throttle

3) push down the kick starter with your hand just enough to turn it over

chances are the bike will start. If you are having problems starting the bike, you probably are simply kicking it too hard. Slow it down and you might be amazed at how easy this bike starts hot or cold.

That's usually all it takes.

i rode an 06 yzf450 and it was nice, but not earthshatteringly awesome. i wouldn't mind a chance to play with the suspension settings a bit and see how it handles expert-class dezert racing.

i might get an 07 (or 08) for my next bike, but my existing bikes are still fun to ride (04 250sx, 05 fe550).

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