Uncorked XR650L, but still wanting more.

My 2002 XR650L has been jetted with a white brothers E2, uni filter, snorkel removed. The front wheel is still very hesitant to come of the ground in 2nd, even with the clutch. Is there anything else I can do for some more power off the bottom. Oh, and I also have the stock 15/45 gearing. Thanks

Change out carb, also change frt sprocket to 14 tooth from a xr600r.:censored:

14/48 gearing will give the bike much more pop...and close the hideous gap between 1-2 gears.

+1 on the regear. 15/45 is just way to hi. I went 14/48 and can still go way faster than i should on such tires. It will cruise 70 with those gears and is way better at bringing the front up and trail riding.

You still have the stock cam ?

As others suggested regear, I am at 14/48 can ride wheelies through third gear. You can also put a quality header and an edelbrock or FCR carb on. And welcome to TT!

have you drilled the slide and shimmed the needle?


I've got a '94 with an XR's only silencer, stock header pipe. Re-jetted carb, and recently rebuilt top end with a 101mm piston. 10.25-1 compression ratio. But.....even before I did the piston the front end came up readily in 1st., and only a little clutch in 2nd. once up it easily rode the wheelie through 3rd. Now I've re-geared also to slow down 1st. gear at bit, 14/48 from 15/45. Like another poster said I can cruise the freeway at 65 or 70 without any problems. Top speed is down though from over 100 to around 90 or so. :ride: Plenty fast enough. Gets off the line real hard though. Way more rideable on the trails with the gearing this way.:censored:

have you drilled the slide and shimmed the needle?


These changes will help the power some on quicker. The CV carbs have a built in delay due to the vacuum operated slide. Drilling it really helps it open quicker. Since you are in Texas, you are likely at low elevation. The shimming helps the mid range lean area.

Thanks guys, i do mostly street riding, probably about 75 on-road and 25 off road.Do you know what kind of mileage yall are getting with the 14/48 gearing?? Oh, and would adding a header pipe really make much of a difference?

it does close the gap as mentioned - but I thought 14/48 was kinda buzzy on the highway. although I may still go back to 14/48 because of this post!

Sounds good, although I may get something in the middle like 15/48 because like I said i do ride mostly highway, 60-70mph about 15 miles one way.

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