need help - buying new bike

i recently sold my bike 2000 xr650r. i usually ride trails and mx sometimes. i'm deciding between 2001 yzf 426 and 2004 yz 250. i'm a pretty big guy 6'5" - 260lbs. any feedback would be helpful. thanks in advance.:censored:

I ride a 01 wr 426 and I'm 6'05 245lbs. Weight wise the bike does great. I haven't bogged down on a hill yet. It just keeps wanting to go and go and go. Heigth wise it is not a perfect fit but then again, what dirtbike is when you're 6'05". The 01 had the tallest seat height of any of the new 4-strokes and if I'm not mistaken is still one of the tallest bikes ever made. I throw around the idea of getting a tall seat and handle bar risers but the fit is good enough that it does not warrant me spending the extra $$. In my opinion the 250 will be way too underpowered for you. I'll tell you the same things guys told me (over and over and over): Get the 426 you won't regret it. I sure haven't.

By the way - I just installed the JD kit - VERY nice addition!

Go with the 426. The best conversion you can do for your money is changing your springs for your weight (260lbs). The stock fork springs are 0.46kg/mm and you will need 0.50kg/mm , the stock shock spring is a 5.0kg/mm and you require a 5.8kg/mm. Beleive me when I say I have a WR450 '07 and I weight 254lbs. The bike handeled like a dog untill I fitted racetech springs according to my weight. The bike handels 100% better. The springs will cost you +-$250 for all three. Go to racetech's website and see for your self.



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