Looking for a stock shock spring

Do you have one that you want to get ride of?



It would be a good idea to specify the make/model/year, don't you think? We're a bit short of mind readers in the forum these days.

2006-07 Yzf450. It should be a 5.5.


Ah, so you're looking to get hold of a Titanium spring on the cheap, eh? :censored: You know they retail for $320, right?

They just happen to be the size and rate that I need for an RMZ250. The Ti isn't going to hurt at all.

I have shock and fork springs from my 07 yz 450

email me make me an offer


I have a stock 07 titanium spring I could part with pm me an offer.


i also have one.:censored:

Is the stock spring on my 06 WR450 Ti ?


I doubt it. See if a magnet sticks.

I have one off an 07 and one off an 06 that I will sell for cheap.PM me an offer.

I have one also....but MINE IS NOT CHEAP....it is brand new and less than a new Ti will cost you.......from Yami....335-379.00 retail.:ride:

Or you can buy a new steel one for 95.00 racetech , Factory Connection etc.....:censored:

or a used steel from me for 45.00 plus freight:p

i got one ti and cheap brand new off 06

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