anyone xr650r with stage 2 cam?

have an 02 xr 650r that has been uncorked and has a full fmf powerbomb and pipe. thinking of putting in a hot cams stage 2 cam? anyone running one? pros and cons please? are they worth it, will it make a difference? i ride alot of dunes ans baja type desert. thanks

I have one in my 06 .About the same or maybe just a slight loss on bottom power but mid and top are stronger and snappier.Even with big tank front end feels lighter. MUNG

do you have to check the valves more often then normal? so it really hasn't messed with reliabilty or are you always checking and adjusting? reason i ask is i havemymotor torn down due to a bad shift drum that took out some gears so i figure why not put in a cam. don't really need more power but would be nice. bike already has fmf powerbomb and powercore, mod side panel and stock carb reworked. figure this would be the next step. i don't want to spend the money for a 680 kit, the motor looks perfact inside.

After redoing my 650r last summer with hc piston,headwork, pipe and Hotcam 2, I checked the valves at 50,100,and 250 miles.Virtually no change in clearance.After an 1800 mile Baja trip all were .001 loose.Almost no difference from my last 650r which was ok for 23,000 miles.

Put the stage 2 in, it is probably the best bang for your buck around.

i just installed my stage 2 this morning ....also running a fmf powercore 4

I dont know how i did it but with the pipe cam and jetting i got rid of that flat spot on the bottom ....weird part is it starts easier without the auto decomp.... MAN I CANNOT BELEIVE THE DIFFERENCE ....this thing rocks now...soooo responsive even down soooo happy

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