wheel question (2000-XR600R)

I was wondering if it would make any sense to reuse the spokes and nipples, and just replace the wheel? Not being cheap, but, I was looking at the wheels and they arent in very good shape, but the spokes and nipples look pretty good. The rims are slightly bent and cracked. I plan to go with black if anyone has a line for some. What do you think? Now, I gotta decide between Clarke or IMS desert tank, IMS footpegs, AND how to get it here without the wife finding out....Appreciate the advice again. JL

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

I think what you mean is replace the rim. Sure you can reuse the spokes and nipples if they are compatible with the new rim that you buy.

yep, that is what I meant to say...I'll work on my communication skills thanks again Cleonard. How things been going lately? I've been gone a while.

buy the spokes and nipples and start working on the wife...just buy ALL the things you need and hit her over the head with them so that next time she does not question you and your machine needs. what kind of man asks permision to buy parts for his motorcycle?

sorry, but you asked for advice. now start spending money and ride that pig like is was meant to be ridden.

hah hah that's a good one. If I bought ALL the things I needed, I think I'd be in the poorhouse. Besides, I'm the master of my house, and I do what I want, when I want it, just as long as my wife says I can. Hey, I GOTTA listen to her, she's got the pu**y.

10-4 brother, just a little fun comment and nothing else...you are right, they have that little thing that we like don't they? enjoy the two machines that's all I have to say...or...ride those two pigs until you run out of gas.

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