99 wr400/ 05 wr450

Can they compete against one another? I've been wanting a newer bike really bad and my question is, I'll be racing in the expert class in the cross country circuit here in Okla. and I am trying to convince the wife that the newer bike is needed in order to compete. Is it night and day difference between the bikes of yesterday and today? Like I said this bike will just be used on cross country tracks, this "old" bike I've got gets the job done, but how much advantage does the new bikes have over the old ones?

Basicaly the main differance is six years of technology.If you are using the wr400 for weekend riding thats fine, but its a bit long in the tooth for racing. The parts are starting to fatigue and the bike will start to become unreliable. Trust me been there, spent that.

Think of the money that you are spending to race. Tyres,spares entrance fees, fuel costs etc. Then think of the bike braking down on you during a race. Ask your wife to drive an old banger of a car and she will soon tell you "now way". These bikes go through a lot of punishment over the years, so my advice to you is spend the money on the newer bike, rather than money on a lost cause. You will also be a lot happier with a newer bike anyway so work on the wife from every angle possible just the same way she does on you when she wants everything.



I think 99 400 is more than capable. What new technology has the 2007 brought? My 99 400 doesn't have any issues keeping up with any 450 out there and smokes most of them.

is there a big difference in suspension fromyear to year?

some one most know some specs on the suspension......maybe u can look for reviews on each year and see what they used year to year

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