Dr.D pipe can you make it 96 db

well im buying a exhaust and im going to get the dr.d but im racing HH and some GNCCs with it and i want to no is it a 96 db pipe or do they make a quiet inserts for it i checked the website and i dident see anything about inserts.

thanks guys

The only insert they have for it is a spark arrestor that doesnt really quiet the pipe that much.

Last I checked they have one on there site dubachracing.com go to products motocrcyle exhaust parts then click quiet insert

In dirt rider a few months ago they had a 96db pipe competition and the dr.d was listed as one (they said it was their favorite). I put one on my 426 and it is no louder than stock.

Dr d has a new quiet insert. I ordered one and they say it brings it down to 95 db to 96db. I was told by the lady at dr d it was desigend for sound purposes. I have an 07 YZ 450

I think the SA is around 96db, but it alters the tone of the system, and doesnt sound nearly as good.

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