Alpina Wheels

Does anyone know if these are available yet? I saw them on the Lucas Oil Yamaha bikes, and want a pair because they are that awesome. Has anyone ridden with these? I basically just want to know more about them.


you. are. AMAZING

but where and how can we get our hands on a set?

I've heard they are really expensive, way more than excels, but I could have heard wrong.

Trampas Parker (former 125 @ 250 World Champ) is now working for Alpina. He is supposed to be moving back to the states from Italy and begin importing their products. I don't know if this has happened yet or not. You could try contacting the company through the website.

Does anyone know if they sell just rims or is it only complete wheels?The PDF file on their site for off road wouldnt work on my computer.How much more expensinve than excels are they?

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