WR vs YZ, differences?? Help

Hey All,

I have it down to two bikes I am looking at.

First bike is a '99 WR400. It apparently has the baja designs street kit, the yz seat, yz oversized tank that has same capacity as original WR tank, yz rear fender, throttle stop mod, airbox cover removed??, exhaust baffle removed, original WR cam timing. and some other aftermarket stuff. Says the bike was ridden pretty hard, but still A-1 mechanically, a little scratched up cosmetically. It also has a street title and is currently registered in NY. He wants $3,000 firm for it. Which I think is very fair.

The second bike is a '00 YZ frame/chassis with a '00 WR400 motor installed. There is a place near me that buys the YZ's and strips them of their motor for quads and winds up having rolling chassis (currently has two '01 YZ426 and one '02 CR450, email if you want their info). A local bike shop put that together with an '00 WR400 that had a broken frame and created this YZ/WR hybrid. They want $3500 for this one, but they probably have some wiggle room.

Are there any advantages going to the YZ frame/suspension? I rarely ever jump and am more into trail riding.

I definitely want to have a street legal one when I am done, so if I buy the YZ/WR hybrid I will have to invest in all that. Does anyone know if I have to be aware of CDI box differences for the WR motor with the lighting coil? I am assuming that the hybrid has all the electronics from the WR because the ATV place strips the chassis clean of all that.

Any opinions from all you guys who have owned these things would be appreciated. Are the prices OK? Any advantage of an '00 to a '99? etc??


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