DOT vs not DOT

What's the difference between a DOT approved turn signal, and one that isn't?

Don't know for sure, but I assume the light has to be a certain brightness, and be able to be seen from a certain distance, and also be a certain height off the ground. For example, an aftermarket turn signal lamp that has a smoke tint would probably not be DOT approved, as it could not be seen as clearly as a clear lens.

Some states are more picky than others in what they will let you get away with.

There may be an issue with the total area of the lens.

I'm waiting for the movie, thanks....:censored:

The LED are the brightest ones on the market and most are not DOT approved.....just doesn't seem right.

Could be too bright. There are automotive light bulbs that are brighter than stock, and labled for closed course use only.

Thanks for the responses!:applause:

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