oil cooler bracket no need to weld on frame!!!!!!

here it is a direct copy of the src bracket mine is made from s.s not aluminum,I decided to go with this style of cooler instead of my original idea because I didnt like the idea of the hoses moving when i turned the bars,anyone interested in my other oil cooler set up p.m me I got the 250 xr oil cooler off ebay for 30.00 on a lucky buy it now.

oilk cooler bracket 001.jpg

oilk cooler bracket 002.jpg

oilk cooler bracket 003.jpg

oilk cooler bracket 006.jpg

Nice! How does the bracket attach to the frame? What cooler are you using in the picture? How do I get you to send me a bracket?

im using a oil cooler off a xr250,the bracket is very simple to make I just bent the stainless over a tube then welded on the nuts,the bracket mounts with two 1/4 20 flat head machine screws,you just drill and tap the frame,I did mine in about 10 min.

I have the same year as you, how does it plumb up? I've been thinking of getting a cooler ever since I bored out to 101mm.

I'll buy one...:censored::ride:

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