This is what I get for cleaning my bike. Been outta town for a few months, figured I go thru my LBRP. Oil change, brake fluid, cables lubed, new plug, and then I sprayed it with...Purple Power. rinsed it off, and now it looks like this:

I rinsed the hell out of it, no change. Sprayed it with WD 40, will see if it helps. Can I do anything about this? Thanks again...I need to re-deploy, so I dont hafta f**k anything else up again. Just kidding, I like it here just fine!

That's the result of a chemical reaction between the cleaner and the aluminum. As far as I know only mechanial methods like a wire wheel, sandpaper, steel wool, etc. can get it off.

wow, thats nasty looking!

Purple power is a bit harsh of a cleaner!

I think it says something about alum on label. Thats why I have a dirt bike. Hehehe

Upon reading the label IMMEDIATELY after the fact, it does say not to use it on aluminum, but, who the HELL reads directions? Guess I should start. Maybe I'll get it hot tomorrow and see if THAT helps...DAMMIT!!!!

Hate to say it but unless u tear it apart and polish and clear the parts thats it. That purple stuff etches aluminum, basically eats it when applied.


I used that stuff one on my small block chevy Edelbrock intake while on the engine and it did the same thing. When I wash my bike I use Simple Green. It's pretty strong when not delutted but wont do this to your bike.

:censored: Simple green works on everything :ride:

That stuff did the same thing to some wheels on my mtb bike - Stripped the anodizing and made the aluminum all rough/etched. Nothing I can do about it now, but you could probably sand yours down with some light sandpaper.

Welcome back and thank you.

I used gasket cleaner on a rag (with rubber gloves) to get the paint off and used a scotch brite to buff the side case. Be careful using the scotch brite, don't let it get anywhere near an opening to the inside of the carb or motor. But, since the side case is aluminum and I rinsed whth diluted simple green every couple of minutes it should be okay. Not sure what you can use for the main cases.


thx, what size/brand tank is that? looks just like what I'm after.

It's a Clarke 5 Gallon. Probably overkill, but I use it as a super tanker. My son has a TTR125 and we go for long trail rides so I transfer gas via siphon hose to his tank.

so, the cases are just plain old aluminum, NO paint correct? I plan to pull out the polisher and give it a try, just dont want to if it's painted. LOOKS like aluminum, just checking.

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