XR650R high flow side panel

If you install the opened up side panel, are there any other mods necessary with the increased air flow? I understand more air in, more out, so do need a full exhaust system or? My motor is stock, but uncorked, stock exhaust with drilled tip. Also, what happens if it rains, or your riding in wet conditions? Is the water an issue? Please let me know if you can. Thanks guys...

With the HRC specs airbox mod,you will need richer jetting ,even with the stock exhaust: 68S pilot jet, 175 a 180 main...

What I have heard (or take with a grain of salt) is that unless you are running a hotter cam or a big bore kit, the opened up side panel isn't going to do much. But if you want to do it - go ahead, for wet riding conditions just throw some duct tape over the holes.


Here is a little tidbit of info. I had just mentioned on another thread that will have some to do with wanting to use holes in the sidecover. Quoted below.

"The usual method of simply "drilling out" the stock tip does not come close to the flow of the HRC tip or aftermarket muffler, :ride: . This will effect what jets and settings needs to be used. If you are still using the stock muffler and stock drilled tip, there is still two internal baffles inside the muffler body that need to be bypassed. At the very least, cutting off the first baffle cap from the stock tip portion that resides within the muffler will get you closer to the proper flow. Even then it is not on par with what is needed to equal an HRC tip or aftermarket muffler. The second baffle cap which makes up the end of the spark arrestor section of the tip inside the muffler body, would need to be drilled out with a 1.5" holesaw and covered with screen. If you are not into modifying the stock tip that far and don't want to buy an aftermarket muffler, you can get a $40 freeflowing tip from ebay that should produce a similar result. Then, you could be effectively using the jetting you are currently running. If you use a HRC tip or aftermarket muffler than just ignore the exhaust info. I just gave, :lol::applause:

From thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=467017

Also, the holes in the sidecover will help for the XR650R to breath better even without the use of a larger cam, in my personal opinion and experience. As long as you have enough exhaust exit flow to help match the added intake. Jetting my have to be changed or adjusted accordingly such as readjustment of the fuel screw and maybe going a main jet size larger depending on your existing jetting and exhaust flow. In my opinion, you need at least a truly freer flowing exhaust muffler at the very least and good flowing filter setup. :censored:

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