grey wire cut, deoctopussed, warranty?

new register today, been reading about the modifications in the archives, but does it void the warranty on my bike?, I bought the service plan from the dealer and worried it could. Another question, will I notice the difference drastically, since the only thing I've done is remove the baffle and everything else is stock?


The Mod's discussed here are very noticeable and highly recommended. I thought that my 2001 were perfect the first few times I rode it but then started to notice a few problems with it. Like the mid was a little flat and there was a slight hesitation when you snapped the throttle out of a turn. I did some searches in this form for my specific problems and viola members like James Dean and Taffy save the day. A new exhaust and EKN @4 with a 68 main all I can say is WOW I thought this bike was hot stock now it just freaking rips wheelies at will in fourth gear and a mid that can knock you off the seat. My advice to you is to just READ READ READ and ask a question when you are just at the end of your rope.

Happy trails,

Cuda Out!

Ask WRoost :) He'll Tell Ya!


What warranty? 30days...........

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