Possible To Install An Oil Cooler On My XR600R?

I see a post today from another owner talking about installing an oil cooler..

I was wondering if this is something I could accomplish on my '93 XR600R? I think I would like a larger cooler than what was being shown in this thread:


but I guess space constraint is what guides that decision. If I were able to find a cooler that would work with the available space, do I simply splice it into the oil line returning to the frame tank from the sump, or would it be better to have the oil coming from the tank pass through the cooler and then into the engine?

I'm sure someone here has done this before. Anyone know if this will even be of benefit?

Thanks for the links. That explains a lot. It looks like they are simply splicing the steel section of the return line (from the sump to the frame tank) and then using clamps on the end of the of the steel line. Looks straight forward..

Now, the challenge is to find an even LARGER cooler, and find a place to mount it such that it still sees air-flow, yet protected enough that it is not damaged by debris, mud, or other flying objects.. Can you hear the hamster wheel spinning?

I might have what you are looking for,it was my origanal plan to mount the cooler to the lower triple clamp, I have the mount fabricated and a oil cooler mounted on it you would just have to mount it and plumb it,

check it out it is in my garage section under modification

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