Pirelli Tires?

For the past couple of years I've been running the Maxxis Desert IT on the rear and the Dunlop 739 or 756 on the front. Some friends of mine raced the Baja 1000 and went with the Pirelli MT18HD tire in the rear and the MT18 up front. They had nothing but good things to say about these tires. I'm due for some new tires soon and was wondering if anyone else in Thumperland has had any experience with these tires.

I'm kinda over the Maxxis Desert IT's. They don't seem to last as long as when they first came out and I've always felt the traction they get wasn't all that great. But I could live with that since they lasted so long. I never felt confortable with the Maxxis on the front, whether it was the SI or TI.

The Dunlops don't seem to last too long, I've gone thru a set in one race out here in the California desert:eek:

I mostly race in the desert in Southern California and I'm looking for a tire with a decent life and good traction:ride:

Ive got the exact setup your asking about on my 06 WR450. So far my only negative would be in wet conditions. IMO they arent a great tire for the slop. I needed a DOT approved and for what I ride they've been great. They wore well for the miles I had last year(some of those on the street) and are very good for firm to hard terrain.

I live in Northern Nevada where the terrain is very rocky. I have MT18HD's on my 06 WR450. The rear isn't wearing well AT ALL. I have probably 300 miles on the rear and it's almost time to change it. I am a conservative trail rider, and I certainly don't spin the rear tire unless I can help it. Anyway, the MT18's have been good tires, but because the rear is basically coming apart already, (chunking and fast wear), I definitely will not be getting them again. I think I'll try Michelins??!!

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