YamaCasi Barnesville Sat????

Bill, Mark & I talked about Barnesville Sat. Are you going? Is this the PokerRun format???? Have you called the rest of the gang? RSK & Cycle Specialty crowd? I need to dust off my WR if we are going. FYI: Sunday a few of us are heading to Copperhead for a open practice day on a revamped track. David S will be there with his CRF450 & me with my YZF if you are interested in some fast airtime. All of this is subject to change with the weather we have had.


Give me a call....Depends on my wifes medical condition. Hospital mabe this weekend. If she's ok I'll be riding down with Robert Herrington my DRZ buddy.....

Check this place out....a bunch of us are going here on the 27th of Jan...


Bonzai :)

Bill call me. Sorry to hear about your wife/hope all is ok. Have you spoken with Steve RSK about this weekend?

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