Pics of your Exhaust!

I've been searching for about 30 minutes on here and google and whatever. I'm stuck between White brothers E2 exhaust and the Dr.D. I can't decide and hoping I can make my decision visually and I figure most top end exhaust are about the same performance gains. I prefer to see the two I listed but open to others, I searched and can't find a thread dedicated to photos of pipes on a 2006 YZ450F or whatever so I figured we could start one? :censored:

Supertrapp is building a new exhaust designed by legendary flattrack tuner Bill Werner for the 06/07 YZ 450's. I'll have the prototype system to dyno with next week. All I have to compare it to is the stock 07 pipe. But by next week i'll have dyno sheets of an 07 450 with Hot Cams and this pipe. I'll dyno with anything else for comparison if you want to ship me the pipe.



that thing looks LOUD!!!

Dr. D on an '07


It's actually been designed for the sound rules that haven't yet been implemented for dirttrack and are coming, most likely in 2008. I don't have a db reading, but i've been told that it's pretty quiet.

Not on your list, but a greaat pipe with a great warranty, for a great price, plus it loos great; doesn't stick out like a soar thumb.:censored:





Another one not on your list is the FMF factory 4.1.I have the full system with the megabomb but I like the stock header for indoors better.This is the carbon muffler.



Yes I know their not the best pics but you can get an idea.

But by next week i'll have dyno sheets of an 07 450 with Hot Cams and this pipe.

It would be much more informative to see a direct comparison of a stock bike and a stock engine with the ST Pipe added. The pipe may well be optimized for use with a different set of cams, but showing the results of changing two things at once doesn't highlight the individual benefits of either.

Heres mine. GYTR with header.


WB Aluminum Pro2 system...much better than the E2



That's a pretty trick lookin' pipe

look at his garage, his got his frame powder coated bright orange :censored:

How bout an FMF Q2??


Not only is my pick trick looking, it's an awesome piece of metal too. It's quiet but throaty like a 450, and really woke up the power.

bitchin pictures. I think I will go with the White bros E2 slip-on spark arrestor, considering everyone seems to like the flow of the stock header the way it is

i just order the Dr.D pipe for my 06 yz 450 ill post pic when it comes


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