Pics of your Exhaust!

My Carbon Dr.D should come today with the new endcap ill get a pic soon as possible

orderd my fmf power core ti today with a power bomb header pipe, would have preferd the 4.1 but our db limit is 96 for mx

Not sure if you were aware, but there is an insert for the fmf 4.1 available to bring the db down.

theres no inserts for an FMF

yea am aware of the inserts but im not looking for more power really just a nice tidy exhuast system and the power core is also cheaper!! get an insert with the power core which can drop it to around the 93/94 mark

theres no inserts for an FMF

I hope there is, otherwise their own website is a lie:

- Customize with performance tuning inserts and spark arrestor module.

- Meets AMA sound requirements on most models; inserts available for others.


just got my powercore 4 and power bomb header have people had to chnage there jetting for this set up ??

thanks :applause:

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