HELP - XR650l Shock housing worn. XR600?


I'm new here. Pretty much my first post.

I bought a '93 650L with 4500mi 3 weeks ago. I stripped it down to the frame to prep for a long touring trip. I sent the shock in to get serviced and this is what was found:

The cool part:

The spring is the ideal rate for my weight. Someone installed a RT gold valve of the right rate for the spring rate.

The not so cool part:

The housing is worn such that the piston will not seal in the final third of the travel. The oil flows around the piston thus reducing the damping.

I am looking for a used shock/housing so that I can send it to the shop rebuilding my shock. I CAN'T FIND ONE!!!! :censored: I checked Ebay, TT, 4Strokes, & ADVrider.

Does anyone here have one I could buy? Does anyone know if a XR600 shock will work as it is the only thing I can find? I'm on a schedule and this really throws a wrench in that!!!



ebay this is for a 600xr Item number: 150090520863

Hi Drtlvr,

I appreciate the link. I did find that shock on ebay. When I looked at the parts fische, the xr600 and the 650L shocks were different. I don't know if they are compatable even though they look very alike.

The ideal situation is that the housing is the same and I can scavenge the housing to put on my 650L shock. I don't think this is the case. The other option would be to buy this shock and rebuild it, hoping that it will work on my 650L.

I'm keeping my eye on it.


The 650l and 600R shocks are the same shock with different spring rates and different valving. The 600 body is a direct swap for the 650L. I have one if your interested.

Thanks Jeff for the information and the offer. I am with you in that the 600R shock will work in a 650L frame. The housings are unfortunately not interchangeable as the piston diameters are different.

(from Les Tinius of lt-racing)

The 600R shock has a smaller piston (44 mm) than the 650L (46 mm) It would be best to get a 650L shock. As far as the 600R shock being a direct replacement I can only speculate, but I bet it is a very close fit. The only way of knowing for sure is to fit it to your bike and go from there.

So my situation stands as follows: I need a housing from a XR650L so that I can finish the shock rebuild. I could use a functioning 600R shock to get my bike back up. :censored:



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