New shim price

I have a 2001 YZ426F and I am new to all this valve adjusting thing...but i'm wondering if when you check your valves and they are out of spec, do you have to replace the shims and that is considering adjusting them?

How much would it cost for a new shim?

Yes, adjustments are made by changing the shims. There are a couple ways you can get the shims you need. Hot Cams sells a complete kit with all the shims you will ever need for around $100. You can buy them individually through the dealer or, I've actually been lucky enough to have the service department swap me one for one on shims.

our local dealer will swap out shims also.

Changing the shims is the provided method of adjusting the clearance.

If your local Yamaha dealer doesn't have what you need, try your local Honda dealer. All of the major 450's, and several of the road bikes use the same two sets of shims. The 9.48mm diameter shims for a CRF450 will fit. They should retail for about $6-7 USD each.

I just got some from my dealer last Sat. Paid $5.00 each. They are a large dealer that sells all major brands, so they just grab out of the service department and sell them that way. I thought about the Hot Cams kit, but seemed like a lot of coin for just the one bike that I currently use them on.

i traded mine in for $4.00 each.

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