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WR426F vs XR650R

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Do a search on this. Topic has already been discussed so you might find what you need here.

WR426 vs. DR-Z400 vs. XR650R

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Both are excellent motorcycles and it depends on what you are going to use your bike for. I have both and fell they both are excellent examples of modern motorcycle equipment.

If your riding is primarily tight technical stuff then the WR would have a edge. If you run wide open desert or a lot of dual sport stuff then the edge goes to the XR. The XR is more comfortable to ride long distances and much more at home on the street (dual sport). Both bikes have strong motors the WR being snapper and a high rever and the XR having torque everywhere and able to pull any gear any time. The WR would probably snap ahead of the XR initially in a drag race but the Honda will have 10 to 15mph on top over the WR with stock gearing. The Honda will pull much taller gearing if you are a speed freek. Both bikes wheelie easily in the first three gears.

The Honda weighs 30-35lbs more than the WR but once over 5mph you never notice it unless you drop it on a hill then its hernia time. The Honda carrries the majority of its weight low masking it well.

Both bikes handle well, the tight technical stuff the WR, wide open the XR and the XR is better in the rocks-must be the torque and the suspension set up but it works.

The Honda has better brakes and great detailing right off the showroom floor.

If you are thinking of motocrossing or do it often then the WR would be a better choice, unless you are a physiclly large and willing to redo the suspension on the XR as its way too soft stock to even think about taking to a track and riding seriously. Once the suspension is set up the XR would get around the track but the WR/YZ would be a whole lot more enjoyable on a track.

The WR will get much more range out of its 3+ gallon tank than the XR will out of its 2.6gal tank. Figure 80miles for the WR an around 60 for the Honda. The Honda gets between 22 to 31 mpg depending on how hard its ridden and the WR about 3 to 5mpg more.

There is plenty of information on the internet on both bikes so setting one up for your riding style, size, ability, etc. is fairly straight forward. There is a ton of info on this site on the WR and the XR is covered very will over at egroups.com. Log onto egroups and join the XR650R group and you will have access to thousands of posts on the big XR.

Its a tough decision as both are excellent mounts and it boils down to what you are going to use you scoot for. You will be very happy with either of these bikes.


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