i got my clarke tank for x-mas (and seat), so i now have yzf capacity tank. one question. how do i use the petcock so that i don't run out of fuel (or seem like it) while in the middle of a race or sumthin???? should i just automatically run it on the stock wr reserve setting, or what? or should i remove the petcock fromt eh tank and trim off the stock hoses going up into the tank??

i noticed the stock wr "on" hose goes about 1/2 way up into the tank, and the reserve hose only goes about an inch or so into it.


hey, all i wanna know is anyones' solution to the reserve option from the wr tank (if a "solution" is necessary to safe operation of the vehichle on a mx track with the smaller capacity tank)

thanks :)


I have the Clarke tank/SDG seat combo...but didnt notice any issue with the fuel petcock and hoses (but then again, I didnt look!). Actually, maybe you do have a different tank than mine has a 3.3 gal capacity...0.1 gal more than the stock tank. Is this the same tank we're talking about?

Also, I rode most of the kokapelli trail using this tank and the "on" setting and never had a problem (100 miles approx.). Maybe I was lucky...


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xrracer, I have always turned the petcock to the reserve position. When I run out I run out. The reserve holds alot of gas (I think a gallon).


What I did was to simply buy a YZ petcock and leave the WR petcock on the WR tank. The YZ petcock doesn't have a reserve.

Keep the front wheel up!

I had similar concerns, here is what I did.....

I got a stock YZ tank (thanks Hillclimb) and using the the stock WR petcock in the "on" position would run out at something like 1/2 tank.

I pulled out the longer hose filter thingy (technical term) off of the petcock. Stock it had the pick up about 3" from the bottom of the tank. I cut it down so that the pick up is more like an inch from the bottom of the tank. This way I get most of the gas out in the on position and I still get some reserve.

Since I do the dual-sport thing occasionally, it is nice to have some reserve to get you to a gas station when a brain fart occurs.

In a racing situation, I would put it in the reserve from the get go.

larryco> i have the 2.2 stock replica tank, not the 3.3 skinny tank. i have no need for the extra fuel mileage (or weight that comes with it) as i never wander that far from the trailer, so i am using hte stock capacity tank (for a yzf, not wrf), which isn't as tall, resulting inthe stock wr petcock in the on position to extend 3" up into the 6" tall tank, and doing mx quite often, this is a primary concern of mine. i have seen a four stroker (katoom 520) endo horribly off of a 100' triple because it bogged on the take off (the moron didn't turn the gass on :) ).

i wouldn't do anything that stupid, but i imagine that if the gas got to half tank in a long moto, and went below half tank, the results would be similar.

heywood> thanks , this is what i was planning on doing, i just wanted to see if it worked alright for anyone else before i tried and biffed it up.

dan lorenze> i thought about this as a "duh" option, but i think i will just cut the stock length petcock line off in case i should forget sometime and suffer the consequences.

thanks all. :D

When you say "stupid", were you referring to forgetting to turn the gas on....or attempting a 100' triple jump? Both satisfy my definition of "stupid"... :) But then again, I suck...and consider hitting a tree in the "fun" category...

Thanks for the info. Guess there's no need on my part to empty my tank and check it out...

Ride on...

LOL... yeah, id say both would classify as stupid in my books, too....LOL

go figure,... i don't mind hammering a tree in third gear, but won't sky out over a canyon of a double..... what a chicken i am.....


I believe that once you hit a certain age, some sense of self preservation kicks in...

...but if you start early enough (before the "sense" kicks in), you're able to still do that stuff. Soft of like skiing in my world...I have no reservations of skiing thru the tightest of trees and jumping off 30 ft. cornices/cliffs...but I cant freekin' get myself to even attempt more than a 10 ft. jump on my bike. Funny how that works...

:) 30' jumps...on Ski's, man you are much braver than me....Oooh I think about...Hmmmnnnn yes 30 inches is the best I ve managed :D and I hate to say it but not much better on the bike LOL!

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