rear shock is not working!!!!

We have no compression damping. will not adjust. 06 yz 450f and o4 wr450. checked the charge rebound compression okay. We were told the oil has deteriorated, and shocks need to be rebuilt. He said $100.

Also noticed that the bikes pogo stick sideways through the woops badly!!!!!!

No physical oil leaks are found on the rear shocks. Is it the shock?????

Not to doubt you...but no compression dampning is a rare symptom, especially on a 06.....The only way to tell and to remedy is to service the shock....and service the forks at the same time....Oil breakdown is apparent after every 25 - 35hrs...both shock and fork must be done at the same time or bike balance will be out of whack.....service and log hrs...the only way to stay on top of this......I hope you have a hr meter....:censored:

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