Valve bucket/ risers mixed up

I am tearing down my 01 426 and I organized everthing in egg crate containers. I go out to my garage a couple weeks later and the egg carton is turned over all the buckets are out of order. the manual states clearly not to be a bone head and have this happen.

my question to the incredibly wise masses here (not the bone heads like me), is there a method to measure and reinstall in the correct valve location?

By the way I did a search with no luck

Hopefully all of the buckets are the same color (size) on your intakes and/or exhausts.

If, say, all of your intakes are blue, they should all be the same size. Should be.

I am going through a similar thing.

What I would suggest is to see if you can first match up the colors as best as possible.

Have a good strong magnet handy.

Then put a little oil on the bucket perimeter, where it goes down into the head.

Try to push the bucket down into its hole with very little force. If it will go, it should be obvious. If the bucket is too small, it will move around some in that hole.

If it is the correct size, it will move up and down easily without any side to side movement. (I hope you can see this as it is inside my head.) You can now pull the bucket out with the magnet (hopefully) and remember where it goes. Move to the next and repeat.

Anyone else have any tips ?

The main reason they want you to put them in their original locations is because the cam and the buckets have worn in together. Most likely you will find the color code is the same for all the buckets in the head but you should check them anyway. Since they are mixed up now the best you can do short of buying a new set of buckets is to make sure the color codes are correct and reassemble the head. Most likely everything will be ok. I would do a valve clearance check soon after run-in to make sure.

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