Quarter-turn throttle on XR-650R

I just put the G2 throttle tube with the Y-25 cam on the pig and it is a substantial improvement. Much more like the throttle turn required on a motocross bike. Now you can decide for yourselves if you'd rather spend the $60 to be on-the-gas, off-the-gas, or go through all of the trouble of learning to ride like a fast, smooth, boring, Baja racer.

I went over the carb throttle wheel with a machinist today. Looks like manufacturing a modified version for less throttle twist is out of the question. Its too difficult of a part to make. Furthermore, you have to disassemble the entire top end of the carb, unwind the throttle spring and punch out a roll pin to get that throttle wheel off.

Stick to the larger throttle tube. I think I'll pick one up too.

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