Feedback on the 07 450wr


I am a seasoned experianced rider. My present off road bike is a yz 250 2 stroke. I live in the frozen north. Alberta Canada. Our off road riding rules in this provence have never been strictly enforced province wide. The rule is

you have to have a spark arrestor and lights. Some area's are getting quite

strict about this. My question to you is this. I love the power and positive handling of the yz. But I need an off road legal bike. The wr 250 is to slow for my tastes. The previous 450wr I find a bit slow in the handling but it has nice power. I am really looking at the 2007 wr 450 it feels light compared to the 06. I would like to know if it rides as good as it feels on the showroom floor.

I just got a 2007 Wr450 after riding a 2002 YZ250 2-stroke. Except for a little lack of power hillclimbing(still bone stock) I like it better.Took about half a day to get use to it and still adjusting, it's my first four-stroke.I had the 250's suspension done by RaceTech and the 405's works just as good.

I went from a 93 YZ250 to a 99 YZ400 to the 07WR450, I have to say that the '07 feels more like the 93 YZ250, ight and quick handlling with the 99 400's stability.

Just a few mods and you wil have all the power you need....

Thanks guys Thats the kind of info I have been looking for. I have been watching this forum for 3 months looking for just those kinds of commentsI was hoping the new mods on the wr would allow it to turn in like a yz.

I loved the older 250 as well. I have a 2001 yz 250 that I will keep.

After reading your answers I will be laying down cash on a wr450 to keep

it company. Thanks again

I raced for +-six years on WR250 ' 97, YZ/WR 250 '00, YZ/WR250 '01. I stopped racing in 2003 and I rode the 2001 model up untill October last year. I decided that maybe the WR450 was the way to go. I lent my freinds WR450' 05 model and took it for two good outrides here in South africa. From hardpak bush riding, too riverbeds, too boulder covered hillclimbs, too sand dunes. I enjoyed the bike alot aprt from the rocks. I found it was very top heavy and I got bad arm pump. I was in two minds to sell my 2-stroke but in the end I did and I purchased a WR450 0'7.

Thank God I did, that 2-stroke is a piece of crap, this thing is the best thing I have ever riden. It feels way better than the older wr's, it is not top heavy and it hill climbs like its on steroids. When riding over rocks it is very smooth and doesnt stall like the older wr's. When in the sandy river beds it feels like it is gliding over the sand while riding the 2-stroke you had to rev the crap out of it to keep on top.

Buy one you will not regret it.



So what are you saying - you like it?

Thanks for your reply. So the 450 suspension is as good as the older suspension with race tech. Thats impressive. I am looking forward to the snow leaving

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