stock baffle

Does any one still have their stock baffle that they are willing to give away for 5 bucks or so. Please let me know.



You can have mine. My bike only ran for 15 min. b4 I yanked it out. It's in perfect condition if you want it. Just give me an address where to send it.

Here is my contact info;

Mark :)

OOPS! Sorry 'bout that. I noticed spelling errors in the first one that I corrected in a new post and tried to hit stop after I clicked "add reply" but apparently it didn't work and sent both.

Oh well.

great. thanks alot. i sent you the info via e-mail. Thanks again

Hey Guys, I need a stock Baffle also and am looking for one cheap ( similar to what lewichris paid ). If any one has one they would like to sell let me know.

Thanks in advance.


i got one. send me your info. you can have it for the low low price of free.


if you ask me our thumpertalk brothers are really taking good care of us. If there is anything i can do for you all please let me know . I dont know much but i can try.


Here Here, You can say that again!!!

Oh yeh.

Kevin thank's for your generosity.





monty i have a baffel out of a ttr-250 ist almost the same as the 426 baffel. it is a little bigger then the 426 but it fits in the pipe.

Lewichris it was shipped this morning! They said it should only take a couple of days.

Mark :)

Well, while everybody is stll feeling all warm and fuzzy. I could use a free trip to Rio! :)


Kev426 I am running the ttr250 baffle now, but was thinking of going back to the stock baffle for the WR400 2000 just in case I didn't pass the sound checks that CA, thinks they need in the middle of no were.

thanks anyway Monty

So why is everyone looking for a stock one? Is something getting ready to descend on us poor left coasters??

wr roost. thanks alot.

i need a stock baffle so that if i wanted to go quiet to pass checks i could. I gave mine away a while back. I dont know about the others.

Monty, Did you get a stock baffle yet??? If not you could buy mine for.....


I just looked in my toolbox today and found the stock baffle that I forgot to give to the guy that bought my WR400. I have no use for it and would end up just throwing it away. Let me know.

Dan thanks,I think Tom is going to send me one he e-mailed me and I gave him a contact phone #no if it;s a no go i'll e-mail you on profile and let yopu know.

thanks Monty :)


I'd like to "buy" your stock baffle. Mine didn't come with one (I bought it used). A friend of mine with an '01 put his in and let me ride it. I think the power loss is acceptable for me (not a lot of hill climbing in Florida), and it's SO much quieter than my curent setup. We're getting a lot of flack here from the local papers about 'tearing up the environment' (of course, the only people they interviewed were HUNTERS!) that I want to do as much as possible to keep riding areas open. Quiet bikes help our cause a lot. If you're still willing to part with it, I'd like to get it from you.



And Yes, I should be out riding right now, but I've got the flu pretty bad. This is the first time I've ever had to skip a week riding due to illness. :)

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