stock baffle

I would be interested in trying out on of the TTR 250 inserts in my 426 - anyone have one they would like to sell for a reasonable price? I live in MI.

I have a stock baffle (we're talking about the "cork" right?) for an 01 WR250F. Same size as the 426 from what I know. Whoever emails me first gets it. I probably need 5$ to bribe the guy in the mailroom and whatever shipping costs (prolly 3-4$ or so?) run me and its yours, maybe less if its a good day :)

email is best:



Tom hi,I got your e-mail but your retrun address must have a eror it keeps coming back,call me at work tomarow and i'll have UPS pick up the baffle.

thanks monty


[about 'tearing up the environment' (of course, the only people they interviewed were HUNTERS!) Thanks,


well around hereevery hunter has his own 4-wheelers any way. must be differeint then florida. Also I an a huge hunter. Where we hunt there are no Bikes out riding for joyrides or hillclimbing. Plus If we even see anyone they are usually on a 4 wheeler. YOu know how many animals that i have gotten right off the 4-wheeler. Quite a few. And as far as missing a wekend. thry riding with a foot of snow on the ground. I have missed two months so far. Now those are withdrawls.

UPDATE: My baffle is now spoken for.



Tom I got your e-mail, but I am unable to retrun mail to you at the address you gave me.If your wife can ship it from her work that will be geart ship it to my work at,

monty wilson

938 east montevista av,

vacaville ca, 95688

thanks monty

phone 707-446-4066

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