dual sport helmet choice?

Hands down for me Arai XD - Goggles w/ or w/or the visor up or down. bougfht my first for $365 delivered, and my second for $455 overnight but my local MC shop has them for $350. To me this beats having multiple helmets AND it's the most used thing while riding.

Hey fingers---frog13 here,nice to here from overseas.Are you military or home folk?---either way is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.How long have you been riding the 650L---thanks for the input on the helmet stuff!.

Frog. Military stationed in Japan near Hiroshima, been here 2 1/2 years. I bought my XR-650R (DK) here in Japan. It was a street legal export destined to go to Europe (they don't normally sell the 650 in Japan, it's too big for the population). I ride everything from dualsport to tight steep singletrack here. I still have a 650L in storage in the US. I'm much happier with the R.

Hey Fingers;

Why do you like the 650R better? I think modifying one would be a pain,of course I don't know how the great state of Ohio(hahaha) would react to it.Isn't the "R" geared too different for the road?.---be cool over there--later.

I used open face HJC but with lots of street driving (relatively speaking), I thought safety required full face protection. I recently got a Nolan with flip up chin. It works very conveniently - one finger operation. and was pretty Cheap. A dealer - Corona Motorsports (CA) matched internet price $200 (plus $10 shipping to my door and sales tax). The face opening closed is pretty big and visor has several open settings so sitting at light or ventilating at light is very easy.

Thats why I went with the Simpson.

Tried the Simpson, too heavy. Bought the Arai on ebay, $500 Cdn to my door. Best $ I've spent. Makes drving in the rain painless, helps in the cold, and I am confident if I need it, it'll be great protection for my brain...

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