Ti Powercore to DR.D Exhaust

This is just a first impressions kind of thing. First off, I got the Dr. D in today after ordering two days ago, totally amazing. My first impressions are that it is incredibly well built, better than the FMF Ti Powercore (TiP) it's replacing. Though a nice unit, the TiP always struck me as a bit flimsy, with the titanium cannnister sheet metal seeming almost beer can thin. This suspicion was born out when I had a very gentle tip over in a stepped ravine where the bike slowly leaned over on its right side at about a 45° angle. The pressure from the bike flattened the round out of the cannister and the seams in the side panel creased it as well. In my opinion, the TiP should have been a little hardier than that. The Dr. D seems 10 times as stout and should have no problems withstanding such a minor mishap, but time will tell. The welds on the Dr. D are first rate, and the stepped mid-pipe is pretty trick. The mid-pipe also mated tightly to the FMF Powerbomb header with minimal swearing and only one barked knuckle.

If the TiP has an edge it's with its postioning on the bike. It sits approximately 2-3 inches farther forward than the Dr. D, well protected by the side panel. The Dr. D sits in the stock position with more of the can protruding rearward past the side panel. This is more of an aesthetic quality. 75% of the Dr.D emblem is readily visible, while the FMF emblem was completely hidden. This really doesn't matter as the FMF emblem was a sticker that melted off after 20 minutes in the first ride, and the DR.D emblem is metallic and riveted to the can. Also, the FMF is quite a bit lighter than the Dr.D, but that's the trade off between titanium and aluminum/stainless steel.

As I used High Temp RTV in the joint where the mid-pipe met the header, I only ran the bike for about 90 seconds. From my memory, the Dr.D's decibel level is negligibly higher than the TiP (with quiet core), if at all. The tone was a bit throatier at idle, but similar in the mid and upper rev range. I also received the Dr. D quiet core, but I haven't installed it and doubt I will unless I venture into the PRC. It'll go in my Camelbak should I encounter a Sierra Club member in his/her government-funded uniform.

Lastly, the actual mounting of the can to the subframe is on hold as I didn't keep the OEM grommet and hardware when I switched to the FMF. It's on order and should be here the first of next week. Also, I need to replace my water pump shaft and seals, so a good hard ride for a performance evaluation is out for a week or so. I will post an update, along with a water pump write-up when I get it all buttoned up.

So, from my first impressions, the Dr.D can gets a preliminary 9 bananas out of 10, with a 1 banana deduction for use of the OEM grommets and the positioning thing. However, if I get the same or and increase in performance over the TiP, you can expect it to go to 10...SC


:censored::ride::lol::applause: :applause: :applause::moon::ride::eek:


that's some fast shipping!

Fit and finish of DR.D products is first rate.. I really like mine...


Looks nice! They don't have a slip on for my 426 though. Anyone know if the 450 pipe will fit an '01 426?

The $300 Powercore just seemed to good to be true. I passed. I still haven't bought a pipe but the DRD looks like the one to buy. You can't beat the price.


I like the looks of the pipe and I can't wait for an update on your first ride. I do have one request...While you are enjoying your new pipe, could you please insert the quiet core (just for a little bit) and let us know what you think? I live in the Republic and I am sure others who live her too would like to know more about this pipe. Uncle Sam gave me some real good news this morning and I deserve something new for my bike. Thanks in advance....

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