pogo stick

i have an 04wr450,pogo sticks bad thru fast deep woops.no change with

compression screw,rebound adjusts ok.had the shock recharged,no change.

i was told the oil is foamed and it needs a rebuild.any ideas?

I have no idea what your weight is or your riding ability but the stock suspention is soft and if the oils have never been changed then it will be worse. I had an 03 that I put gold valves in and was able to ride motocross with it.

Try slowing down the rebound in the shock. The "pogo" effect could be from the rebound being too fast. Turn the rebound adjuster (by the rear linkage) clockwise all the way in. Take a test ride, then turn adjuster counter-clockwise two clicks. Repeat until you find the right amount of rebound.

If your bike is an '04, the shock oil is probably toast. Get it serviced.


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