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Weird engine design, looks promising

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Found this some time ago (here, but no one seemed to coment anything on it), seems really cool

http://kugelmotor.peraves.ch/ nothing informative in their website yet (sorry, real lame webpage), just this schematic movie about the engine operation http://kugelmotor.peraves.ch/Bilder/Kugelmotor_engl.wmv

The engine is spheric, has only 3 moving parts and runs on a 4-stroke cycle (yet produces one power pulse every 360 degree like a 2 stroke), with 16cm of diameter has an effective displacement of 377cc and produces 47 HP

This design appears to actually have been built and run, not like other designs, but I couldn't find much information abot it just some dutch pages (i don't speak dutch doh').

Please take a look at the video, what do you think ? Pretty smart design he !

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