YZ vs WR

I am currently running an 06 wr 250. Love it. I am looking for some more power and I am debating over pipe and cam for the 250, go two smoker, or go 450. In your guys opinions would a yz 450 be good for tight single tracks? Would I need a FWW? I would probably drop a tooth on the front sprocket, I don't think the e-start would be an issue nor the light. I am just wondering if it would be a great trail bike. I would prefer the yz over the wr because of the weight issue. Any info or suggestions, ps I am about 220 lbs if this makes a diiference.

Search brotha. I typed in your title and came up with 250 threads. Start reading

WR 450 for trail riding all the way... I have a WR450 and a YZ450. Although I love how nimble the YZ is, you can really notice that the WR was designed for trail riding. Hills are easier to climb, it's less prone to stalling, and the suspension is already set up for trails. But these are just my opinions, and I love my YZ just as much but for different reasons.

I do a lot of desert riding which includes some very tight single track. My dad has a 05 WR450 and I have a 07 YZ450. I would take the YZ any day of the week. It's lighter, it starts easier and it has a lot more power. If you are worried about stalling in the tight stuff, I would opt for the GYTR flyweel. Also, the suspension on the YZ is much better and I have it all stock for off road. I weight 230 and it suits me just fine.

I had a YZ450 and THOUGHT i could make it work for tight trails and offroading. The WR tranny is so much better that its not even a close debate. If you want a BETTER offroad bike on TIGHT trails, get a WR.

Search brotha. I typed in your title and came up with 250 threads. Start reading

Sorry, I have tried searching many times on different subjects and end up spending hours for find no relevent information. I also like being able to help people out and feel like I am smart. But I completly understand when a subject has been beaten to death, and repeated post from different people get very annoying, so sorry for any agrivation, happy ridding :censored:

I have an '04 WR (with all of the free mods) and '06 YZ (totally stock) and the only place I'd rather have the WR is on really open roads with lots of chatter bumps as that's the only place where I find that the WR's way too soft suspension is better. I weigh 180 and bottom out my WR so easy. Since you're talking tight trails the YZ wins hands down once you regear. It's so much more nimble and powerful that it's not even close.

I've only ridden my WR once since buying my YZ and all that did was prove how much better all around my YZ is. Like I said, the place that the WR shined was when the soft suspension sucked up all the little bumps (that beat the crap out of me on my YZ) at speed. I almost went off the road though the first turn that came up at speed because I was so used to my YZ sticking like it was on rails and the WR just drifted. Also, the power hits way harder on the YZ and that's before my aftermarket exhaust comes tomorrow.

I'm not trying to bash it as the WR is good for what it is for but I never used the lights or electric start (battery has been dead for awhile) so it made me realize I was on the wrong bike. I'll be selling my WR the next trip back up to the States.

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