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gear toruble, advice needed & some engine questions

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i have a chinese 110cc import pit bike, i have put a bigger/ more tooth sprocket on the front and a 26mm mikuni carb. it was running fine but even then my mates with exactly the same bike but in stock form were keeping up with me. but this is another question......

now i have fiddled with bits and bobs and put a new foam air filter on and i took it out the other day and it rode lovely but, when i put it into 3rd gear the bike would dip and dive and like hesitate, i think it is beacause i have stripped the cog for 3rd gear. 1st 2nd and 4th are fine but 3rd gear is impossible to use at it nearly throws me over the bars.

what options to have: new engine with box? or can i replace some things in the stock box to get a new 3rd gear?

i have the chance of a rebuilt genuine xsport guy cooper 125cc engine and box for tidy money (£180) but if i could repair the old one for as little as possible then i would rather this option.

my engine is flat revving, there are no peaks/power bands it just revvs like a normal bike. do stock xsport engines have a power band or peak as such. only reason i ask is that a kid locally to me has an xsport and when i hear him open it out, the revvs sort of sound like they hit a power band and it shoots up the revvs.

what is a power band? is it where an uprated cam comes into play?

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