Baja Designs Quiet Baffle

Is the Baja Designs Quiet Baffle a worthwhile modification for the WR426 motor? What does it do to the performance and sound level?

I have one and it is between the stock baffle and no baffle in sound and performance.

I think the Vortip is the same thing. You can try White Bro's. I like mine, it seems quiter, the tip is pointed down at a 45 degree angle routing the noise down instead of up.

Does anyone know where to get the baja designs baffle? I called them directly a week ago and they said they did not have any in stock and did not know when they would have.

I talked with Baja Designs a couple days ago about one and they said theirs and Vortip's baffles were similar except one turned down a little different than the other, no big deal except they said it will keep your fender cleaner if you never wash your bike. But,I forget which is which as if it mattered.

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