Did I chip a tooth?

Found this little gem on my magnetic drain plug last night. It's about 1mm wide and 3mm long. Could it be the tip of a tooth off a gear? And if so what does that indicate, inevitable implosion?


i've had some of that spit out of my 04 wr,its still goin' strong; and the feller i sold it to over a yr ago doesn't do 1/2 the oil changes i used to. check the oil screen in the frame tube(if the 426's have one?) to make sure there aren't any bigger peices. and keep an eye on the filter and magnet, if its just occasional i wouldn't worry......or you can save the little peices and tell your new wife that its comin' undone and you need a new bike(thats how i got my 05! shhhh:naughty: )

Yeah the local Yami mech said the same thing when he saw it today. We compared the piece to a YZ gear on his workbench and it actually resembled a corner of the gear dog lobe (for lack of the proper name). He also said not to worry............yet.

I found something similar to that one time on my magnetic plug. It turned out that it was a piece of the primary gear washer that broke off. At the time i did not think it was a big deal so i went riding the next day and my engine siezed. When I got it home i took the clutch side case cover off the engine(not just the clutch cover. The whole case cover) I found that the nut on the primary gear had backed off and broke the washer then it spun off far enough to ram itself into the case and stop the engine. I should have checked everything out after i found that piece of the washer but I did not. If I were you I would find out exactly where that piece came from and not just assume or guess. I merely got lucky that it did not do something worse.

Im all about what the guy above this post said...at least do a minor inspection ...it may be a frequent thing in yamahas or whatever but better safe than sorry....

When I got it home i took the clutch side case cover off the engine(not just the clutch cover. The whole case cover)

I've never had that whole case cover off before, just the clutch cover. Are you saying I can inspect any potential culprits from this side of the bike or just the senerio you experienced?

just the primary reduction gears to the clutch,kickstart,etc (not the trannie) are accessed;it would be a good time to change the waterpump shaft/seal:thumbsup: i remember hearing something about the primary gear nuts being a problem on 426's? anyway,its not that hard to take that cover off.

I have a 98 400 and it happened to me twice. The small chuncks ended up being third gear both times. I found the problem by pulling my clutch off and looking through the case at the bottom and you can see the gear from that location. You might also see a little more metal than usual in the oil filter. The first time it happened I let it go too long and the gear exploded and took out lots of other "stuff" keep a close eye on it.

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