Do I need to Revalve?

I am looking to at least rebuild my suspension soon (change fork oil, have internal parts checked for wear etc) and a nitrogen recharge of the shock on my 06 YZ450. My question is: Has anyone done a revalve on this bike and noticed a considerable difference? I really like how the suspension has been performing for me in stock form but figured if it is torn down and it is worth it I will pay the extra and get it revalved.

It's a matter of value. The '06 suspension is so incredibly good as issued that even though you can improve it, you will not get the night/day difference that you would if you sent the suspension from an '03 or '04 to Enzo, or something.

So, it's a question of how much better it can really get, vs. how much it will help you and the way you ride, and how much it costs, which can be considerable.

With any of the early models, I would say that a revalve is the best thing you can do to make the bike faster, before an exhaust or any of the other "blingier" stuff. But the '06 is so much better than its predecessors that the question opens up quite a lot.

Greyracer is right - the 06/07 are damn good bone stock. I wanted to add some plushness in parts of the travel, like over braking bumps and large landings so I had mine revalved to accomplish this as well as added slightly stiffer springs for my weight and ability. My bike feels much better to me now that I did this and it did not lose any of the already great traits the bone stock suspension has. A mixture of revalving and oil levels/spring rates accomplished for me what I desired. Because of this I can ride much more confidently and have no problem twisting the throttle to accomplish even better suspension characteristics than from stock....the faster you go the better my suspension works and cornering seems to be better to:thumbsup:

But if you do this - find a reputable suspension shop...sometimes it takes 2-4 times to get the valving dialed in just right for you. Make sure that whoever does it will make it right based on your input. If you are really lucky find a shop that will go out to the track with you to see how the bike performs while you ride it as well as can note what changes need to be made to the suspension. This will help tremendously.

I am not against sending your stuff out - I did this with Enzo. But custom tailering the suspension to meet your specific needs is a lot easier at the local level vs. sending your stuff cross state lines

Mike at SRD Suspension in Phoenix custom works each suspension component based on your feedback. He dynos it out, and based on his empirical experience, and interpretation of what you tell him, gets it right, first time, out the door. I loved my '06 suspension, but found it kicked on braking and acceleration bumps. He changed that part of the suspension response, and left everything else the way it was.....Short story, a good man can make the near perfect stock set-up, closer yet to perfection. I can tune the suspension, with the clickers, for either desert or moto......

I think these new YZs have good suspension and it's making me think about not revalving them. I've had all my bikes re-valved since 98, but they never felt this good stock. I'm gonna wait a while and ride it some more.

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