white bros. quiet core 2 insert

anybody try one? they claim a 5 to 6 db decrease.

thanks kevin

Kev, I've tried one in my E-series and it does make things a bit quieter, but I think 5-6 db is a little exaggerated. It also seemed to give a little more bottom end with a definite loss up top. The only time I put the thing in was when I ran 8 disks when I usually run 12 with no quiet core so that may have been the cause of the power loss. I have yet to try it with all 12 disks and the quiet core. For the price I think it is worth it if you are trying to lose a few decibels, but like I mentioned before I think 5-6 is a stretch. Eric

Ok where can I get one cause I am planning on riding enduros this year and they have been doing sound tests out here? How much are they?

Also if you get a chance how bad are the power losses, I have a W/B E-series w/12 discs.

you can pick them up at www.rockymountainmc.com for about $40 bucks. as for the power loss i dont know yet it is still sitting on my floor.

I have a WB quiet core that I'll sell for $25 - still new in the packaging. email me at dsisola@home.com if you are interested

this thing is a pile. i think im going to smash it with my hammer. this thing doesnt do a damm thing.

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