Won't Start?

I have a 2001 650r, uncorked, uni-filter, HRC. It has always started first or second kick. I rode it new years day in the desert and it ran fine. I brought it home it sat 40 days. I cleaned the air filter and can not get the pig to start. If I kick her through slow trying to find TDC it back fires. I tried all the starting technics and nothing. I pulled the carb (keihn stock) cleaned it real good and still nothing. I'm due to go riding next weekend and need help. thanx

mmmm 600 650 r or l


Try starter fluid, or pull starting.

Make sure there's gas in your float bowl.

I tried starting fluid and it still backfires. there is gas in the float bowl. Could it be timing?

you got spark?

sounds like a fouled spark plug

I don't want to sound like an ass but please don't use starting fluid in your engine especially with a kick start.I've seen pistons get cracked and rods get bent with that stuff.It drives the compression ratio to the moon and the way to apply it is with an engine spinning before you spray in the intake.Sorry if I nattered at you like an old woman but I don't what you to ruin your engine.

Are you getting fuel? Is the filter in your tank clogged? Have you tried running on both 'on' and 'reserve'? Any kinks or clogs in the line?

Any restrictions in the intake or exhaust? Lastly, are you getting good spark? These may sound dumb or mundane, but you would be suprised how many times the simplest things get overlooked.

Try a new spark plug. Beezerjoe is right, don't use starting fluid.

Well guys I changed the plug and installed an edlebrock performer pumper and my problems are over. thank you much.

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