grey wire cut

it´s necesary cut the grey wire on WR450F 07,

Puedes leer ingles? Mira aqui y mira a los "stickies"...SC

just did my wr250 2005... First I called my dealer to ask him about "the wire".

He told my he had tried it on all his models (2003-2004-2005-....) and that it does nothing.... His explanation seemed a little bit weird and after I checked the electrical plan I saw that the grey wire went to the mass, so it seemed to me that yamaha put it there to connect or disconnect, otherwise the would have put the grey wire directly to the mass in the CDI.....

My stop screw was already completely removed by the dealer the day it was delivered.

After my little test drive on the road I have two conclusions:

1/ more mid range power :applause: rides more fluid. Before it felt a little empty in the midrange...

2/ I just look at my start button and the bike already starts! Strange but true! :applause:


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